Our Approach

We match “old school” know-how with cutting edge technology. Our small group of hand-picked associates and paralegals work together as a highly integrated team, making use of the latest legal technology in order to offer our clients big-firm expertise without the impersonality and inefficiency that can often be a part of the big-firm experience.

Experienced Lawyers

We employ only seasoned defense attorneys because we don’t think that clients should have to foot the bill for a newly minted lawyer’s “learning curve.” All of our lawyers are skilled and tenacious trial attorneys and creative negotiators, and are experienced in the representation of anyone under investigation for any type of crime. Read more about our team.

Cost-Effective Staffing

When appropriate, our highly trained paralegals do initial research, document review, and other work that is often done in large firms by junior associates at today’s headline-grabbing hourly rates. Of course, all work done by paralegals is vetted by our attorneys, who assume ultimate responsibility for its content.

Advanced Technology

Using the latest legal technology we offer our clients big-firm professionalism without the impersonal approach and inefficiency that is often part of the big-firm experience. This technology allows us to file and retrieve documents, organize facts and issues, present graphic courtroom demonstrations, and track time and expenditures, giving us an advantage in the courtroom and saving time and money.

Affordable Fees

Affordable fees are rare in today’s market for legal services. We are flexible and innovative in the valuation of our legal services and are often able to offer fixed fee arrangements. We never lose sight of the fact that we are involved with the lives of real people.

Extraordinary Sensitivity

Extraordinary sensitivity is required in the matters we handle. Our team of attorneys and paralegals operates on a “need to know” basis only, and we do not discuss matters outside our close-knit group. This discrete approach, combined with our “walk through walls” devotion to our clients, has often yielded favorable outcomes.