Charles Ross & Associates Obtain Probationary Sentence For Financial Professional Charged in $30 Million Fraud

February 21, 2017

Chuck Ross persuaded a Brooklyn federal judge not to send our client to jail and not to send him to a dangerous halfway house.  Law 360 was in the courtroom and wrote the following;

“-No Jail For Ex-Oil Co. CPA In $30M Bank Fraud Scheme-“

“A New York federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a fuel company employee who pled guilty to conspiring to commit a $30 million bank fraud to time served, backing off her stated intention to have him serve 90 days in a halfway house because he might meet bad people in there. …

Charles A. Ross of Charles A. Ross & Associates LLC began an impassioned plea to keep [his client] out of prison when U.S. District Judge Pamela K. Chen interrupted, telling him she did not intend to impose a guideline sentence but to send him instead to a residential reentry center for 90 days.

Ross seized on that, telling Judge Chen that halfway houses are “tough places” and [his client’s] punishment is the felony conviction, the loss of his CPA license, the shame he feels and the shame felt by his children.

“He should have quit, he should have walked away, he should have blown the whistle, he should have turned [his boss] in,” Ross admitted, but added, “He’s an otherwise honest man.”

Judge Chen said that after the presentation she was no longer convinced the halfway house placement was necessary.”

Law 360 Article