Tax Fraud and Evasion

Federal tax evasion, conspriacies to defraud, and charges of failure to file income tax returns are crimes taken very seriously by prosecutors and judges.  There is a perception that a high deterrent value exists when someone is convicted of criminal tax evasion and sent to jail.  Our extensive experience includes representation of individuals who face criminal tax investigations by the IRS, the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, local United States Attorneys offices, and the local Distict Attorney’s office.

We are well versed in defending against allegations of overstated deductions, failure to collect and pay employment taxes, purported false characterization of income and commercial sales tax evasion, to name just a few.  Our recent representations have included;

  • Representation of a businessman being investigated for failing to declare income received in connection with a Garment Center wholesale business.
  • Representation of the chief executive officer of a publications company charged with a conspiracy to evade federal income taxes on payment of personal expenses through her business.
  • Representation of an attorney who utilized the services of a tax preparer who was indicted on fraud charges in connection with his tax preparaton business.

Our objective is to resolve criminal tax matters quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.  Employers and others are encouraged to self report income tax fraud.  However, if a matter cannot be resolved and a trial is necessary, we have the experience and know-how required to properly represent individuals before juries.