Mortgage Fraud

In the aftermath of the unprecedented financial failure in the real estate markets, federal prosecutors, district attorneys, regulators and states attorneys general have investigated and indicted numerous mortgage fraud cases.  From lenders to brokers to closing attorneys, cases have been brought against all sectors involved in the industry.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have  formed sophisticated task forces to scour the real estate lending and borrowing process in order to examine the housing loan process and aggressively make cases.

The type of felonies charged in support of mortgage related crimes include; wire fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy, and false statement charges.  This laundry list of felonies are often brought in support of allegations that misrepresentations were made by borrowers, permitted by lenders, and sheparded through by attorneys.  Massive mortgage related cases involving construction and rehabilitation loans have been brought.  The F.B.I. specifically states that they are “helping to identify large-scale industry insiders and criminal enterprises conducting systemic mortgage fraud”.  Thus, large institutions involved in real estate loans from risky subprime instruments to traditional financing methods are continuously being investigated and face the spectre of prosecution.  Individuals involved in the process may be subpoenaed, questioned, and ultimately charged.

Charles A. Ross & Associates in New York City have represented both individuals and institutions in mortgage fraud investigations throughout the country.  These cases can turn on technical issues and involved processes and procedures unique to the mortgage industry.  If you or a family member or friend face this sort of detailed and wide ranging inquiry it is extraordinarily important to retain counsel experienced in such matters.  As a white collar law firm, we have the necessary experience always zealously represent the best interests of our clients.  Chuck Ross is an accomplished mortgage fraud defense attorney.  Please do not hestitate to call us for a free consultation if you face this sort of serious legal problem.