Illegal Gambling

The modern gaming industry presents complex issues regarding the rules, regulations and ultimate legality of certain types of gambling.  While state lotteries, off track betting, and authorized s present a model of legal gambling, the internet and off-shore betting businesses involve mutifaceted  questions and concerns.  Both state and federal prosecutors actively pursue cases against individuals and entities engaged in the gaming industry.  In some instances, the cases involve locally based sports betting or “numbers” operations with traditional bookmaking arrangements.  In other instances, prosecutors have gone after off-shore gaming operations or on-line poker businesses.

We are very experienced in all of the detailed nuances of law enforcement investigation into the gaming business.  From individual owners and their employees, to organizations or entities involved in gambling, we have represented a wide spectrum of individuals and companies.  If you are involved in the gaming business and receive a subpoena or worse yet, are charged with a crime, it is very important to have experienced counsel.  If the matter involves any aspect of the gaming business, we can help.