The crime of embezzlement involves the allegation that somebody with permission to have access to goods or funds steals them.  Often, innocent people face the unjust accusation from employers, supervisors, co-workers, law enforcement personel or prosecutors that from a position of trust they embezzled money from a company.  Embezzlement is a serious felony crime.  It requires a skilled lawyer to mount an effective embezzlement defense.  In both the state and federal courts the penalties, both from possible fines and from potential jail terms, can threaten to bankrupt and destroy the life of an otherwise law abiding person.

It is critical that an individual who is under investigation for or charged with embezzlement hire an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer.  We have represented hundreds of people who have been charged with embezzlement and we are very knowledgeable in this intricate area of the criminal law.  We are skilled embezzlement lawyers.  Embezzlement charges often involve allegations of conspiracy, accounting fraud, wire and mail fraud, and other violations of complex white collar criminal law.  It is important to choose a lawyer well-versed in all these areas of the law.