Conspiracy Charges

Long called “the darling of prosecutors,” conspiracy allegations are constantly added onto indictments.  Assistant United States Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys throw in  conspiracy charges in the hope that evidence and inferences will be used against those accused where such information would otherwise not be permitted.  Conspiracy charges allow prosecutors to claim that a person who did nothing is responsible for the criminal acts of another who he never even met.  It requires knowledge, experience, and dedication to successfully defend against the regular use of conspiracy charges.  We regularly provide representation in state and federal criminal cases which involve conspiracy allegations.  Criminal conspiracy charges vary widely and include white collar offenses and narcotics trafficking as well as:

Notify Charles A. Ross & Associates if you, a loved one, or a friend  face conspiracy charges.  We are tenacious and experienced advocates who know how to dissect these often complex charges and mount vigorous and effective defenses to them.  If you are charged in a criminal conspiracy, you need a conspiracy lawyer.  We have the experience necessary to effective defend against these often charged crimes.