There has been a dramatic surge in the enforcement of criminal anti-trust violations in the past few years.   The Anti-Trust Division of the United States Department of Justice is very active in aggressively seeking huge fines from individuals and corporations as well as pursuing criminal investigations which have resulted in a notable increase in indictments.  Lengthy jail terms are regularly sought by government prosecutors against otherwise law-abiding corporate officers and business people for violations of state and federal anti-trust statutes.  Allegations of price fixing, bid-rigging, manipulated market shares, and business cartels have risen dramatically.

Charles A. Ross & Associates, experienced New York federal criminal lawyers, have represented a number of individuals caught up in anti-trust investigations.  These investigations focus upon a variety of industries including printing, municipal bond pricing, food additives, computer memory devices, cellular phones, real estate, and dairy foods to name a few.  We have both negotiated amnesty for individuals and sucessfully fought and challenged the Anti-Trust Division in litigated matters.  We are a white collar law firm experienced in this complex area of the law and are committed to acheiving the most advantageous result available for our clients.[wp_geo_map]