Accounting Fraud

Today, the accounting practices of smaller businesses in regulated industries are scrutinized in a manner once reserved for public companies.  What were once viewed as honest, innocent accounting errors can be lumped into an overly aggressive investigation by prosecutors and regulators and pursued as a potential violation of the criminal law.  These sorts of investigations often turn upon very specific and technical accounting practices and decisions.  If you are under investigation for allegations of deceptive accounting methods it is important to hire a white collar criminal defense attorney who is experienced in these complex cases.   Charges in these very involved matters may often include wire fraud, mail fraud, securities fraud defense, insider trading, and criminal Sarbanes Oxley violations.

As accounting fraud defense attorney, Chuck Ross is very well-versed in cases involving the alleged misdirection of funds, overstatement of revenues, understatement of expenses, and misstatement of the value of corporate assets.  Our Martindale-Hubbell, AV rated, New York criminal defense law firm employs very experienced forensic accounting professionals to assist us in the preparation of these very involved matters.  We are skilled in cases involving GAAP accounting issues, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and intricate audit problems.

If you, a loved one, or dear friend face this sort of investigation please call us for a free consultation.