Sexual Assault

Sex offenses are among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes and the stakes are extremely high.  Not only do defendants charged with a sex offense face harsh criminal and civil penalties, these offenses carry a strong social stigma that can destroy careers, reputations, marriages, and seriously impede a person’s future prospects.  These factors make anyone charged with a sex offense particularly vulnerable, and it is imperative to seek the aid of an experienced and adept sex assault lawyer to protect, guide, and fight for you during this difficult and frightening ordeal.

A wide range of crimes fall under the umbrella of “sex offenses,” such as rape and sexual assault, prostitution-related offenses, internet crimes, pornography, and child pornography offenses.  You should know that there are defenses available for all sex offense charges and a skilled sex crime attorney can examine your case and put forth an intelligent, aggressive defense.  In a rape case, for example, a potential defense could be mistaken identity, that the act was consensual, or that the allegations are false.

Our lawyers have the experience, expertise, and resources to represent clients charged with any sex offense.  We will carefully examine all aspects of our client’s case.  We painstakingly review the alleged facts and the sexual assault laws to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence and failures in police procedure.   These weaknesses can be used to obtain reduced charges or even dismissed charges.

When it will help our defense, we employ experienced and respected experts, such as private investigators, DNA specialists, or forensic evidence specialists.  In some cases, it may be helpful to have a psychotherapist meet with our client for an evaluation, as the therapist’s assessment can strengthen our defense strategy.

The attorneys at Charles A. Ross & Associates have been very successful in getting sex offense charges dismissed or greatly reduced, or negotiating dispositions that allow defendants to avoid the stigma of a sex offense conviction and the accompanying civil penalties.  Sometimes, however, trial is the best option.  Our attorneys are experienced and highly talented litigators who have obtained acquittals or other positive outcomes in many cases.

Important information for non-citizens: Convictions for sex offenses can and often will carry severe immigration penalties, including deportation.  Immigration consequences are often harsher than the criminal sentence.  If you are a non-citizen charged with a sex offense, you need a defense attorney who understands the potential immigration consequences of a conviction and can help you avoid or reduce the risks.  Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys can help protect you from those immigration consequences.