Robbery Defense

Robbery is the forcible taking of property from the person of another.  Robbery cases are not limited to simple purse snatchings.  At Charles A. Ross and Associates we have represented respected business professionals who have simply attempted to retrieve goods or merchandise they were rightfully entitled to and because they engaged in self help, were charged with robbery.  Prosecutors may allege the use of force where weapons are involved, but may also try to prove force by other methods.

A classic robbery case is almost always a one witness identification case.  Cases of mistaken identification are legion.  Law enforcement suggestion in the course of a line-up or show-up can ensnare an innocent individual in the nightmare of unreliable proof as represented by the testimony of a single individual complaining witness.  At Charles A. Ross and Associates we are well versed in attacking robbery charges brought by both federal and state prosecutors.  Pretrial challenges to identification procedures and aggressive efforts to exclude testimony by moving for pretrial hearings on the amount of suggestion used by the police or the lack of reliability of one witness identification testimony may make a critical difference in persuading a judge to dismiss serious felony charges.

If a robbery case proceeds to trial we are skilled cross examiners and we can employ expert testimony to cast doubt upon the dependibilty of a one witness case.  The stakes are very high and possible jail sentences are extreme.  It is important to hire a firm that this well versed in defending against robbery allegations.