The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organzation (RICO) laws are not limited to organized crime prosecutions.  Both federal and state prosecutors have used these laws for decades to go after businesses, local governments, medical and law offices, and any other group they may decide fits the difficult to define criteria presented by these complex and convoluted laws.  Individuals charged in RICO cases are unfairly branded as “racketeers” from the outset.  At Charles A. Ross and Associates we vigorously contest the legality and appropriateness of these charges during motion practice before trial and attempt to win dismissal of these counts from the indictment.

If we are representing someone before indictment we aggressively attempt to dissuade prosecutors from charging these prejudicial and inflamatory crimes.  Once on trial, we are well versed in turning the tables on prosecutors and demonstrating to jurors that there is no basis in fact for the state to claim an individual is a racketeer.  The technical elements of these cases are very hard to understand and lend themselves to creating doubt in the mind of reasonable and normal juror.

But first and foremost, by forceful and insistent pre-indictment negotiation, we seek to avoid these damaging charges altogether.  Whether or not a particular group or entity qualifies as a “RICO” organization is a complex and legally technical issue.  At every turn, we try our best to convince prosecutors that it is not appropriate to use these loaded charges.  But if they ultimately do appear in an indictment, we can dynamically bring a multifaceted and sophisticated legal attack to the correctness of these charges.  At trial, we dissect the government’s case and demonstate doubt.  We are very experienced at defending RICO cases and the state equivalents.