The various forms of homicide are among the most serious charges to be brought against a person.  Statistics bear out that a high percentage of murder cases occur among individuals who are either related or know each other quite well.  Intentional murder, reckless murder, manslaughter, and felony murder all fall within general catagory of homicide.  Murder charges almost always involve scientific, expert testimony regarding such critical issues as cause of death and time of death.  Prosecutors use very experienced forensic pathologists to render scientific and medical opinions regarding this crucial concepts.

At Charles A. Ross and Associates we are experienced at representing individuals charged in homicide cases.  We employ our own expert crime scene investigators, scientific experts, forensic medical examiners, ballistics experts, and  other technical and skilled professionals to assist our defense team.  Often, informant testimony supports a claim by prosecutors that a homicide was committed.  We excel at the cross examination of witnesses who seek a self centered advantage.

There are often complex legal issues surrounding the use of DNA testing, hair fiber analysis, blood evidence, or the admissibility of a potential devastating but false confession.  We vigorously attack the case that prosecutors offer to a jury in pre-trial legal motions and during contested pre-trial hearings to undermine the effectiveness of the direct presentation of evidence at a homicide trial.

Whether the case is being prosecuted in federal court or state court, we are experienced defense attorneys in any type of homicide prosecution.