Drug Possession

At Charles A. Ross & Associates we handle a broad array of federal and state drug crimes, from drug possession and sale to manufacture and distribution.  Drug charges can have potentially severe consequences, including lengthy prison terms and forfeiture of assets such as homes and cars. Non-citizens are subject to mandatory deportation if convicted of almost any drug offense, including simple drug possession charges.

The penalties a defendant faces depend on a number of factors, such as whether the criminal charges are federal or state, the type and quantity of the controlled substance, the classification of felonies or misdemeanors, and the defendant’s prior criminal history.  The drug defense attorneys at Charles A. Ross & Associates analyze these various factors and ensure that our clients are fully informed of what they are facing.  That way we can work with our clients to determine the best approach in each case.

Drug Possession and Sale

As experienced New York defense lawyers, we have represented numerous clients facing drug possession and drug sale charges.  The attorneys in our criminal defense practice have a thorough understanding of how these cases are pursued and know exactly where to find the weak spots in any case.  In all controlled substance cases, how the drug evidence was seized is critical.  Often we can successfully challenge the legality of the search, even where the search was conducted with a search warrant.  If we can demonstrate that the search was illegal, the evidence may be suppressed, meaning that it cannot be presented in court.  In many cases, we challenge the legality of other police procedures, which can result in the suppression of statements and identification by witnesses. When we successfully suppress this type of evidence, cases are very often dismissed.

The attorneys at Charles A. Ross & Associates have a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes in many types of drug crime cases due to our skill at both criminal litigation and negotiation.  Where dismissal of the case is not a realistic possibility, our attorneys are frequently able to convince prosecutors to significantly reduce charges or to offer a no-jail sentence.   In addition, our attorneys are well-versed in new state sentencing laws that have given courts greater flexibility in drug crime sentencing, and we have used our knowledge to help many clients avoid incarceration.

When it will help our defense, we employ experienced and respected experts, such as private investigators or forensic evidence specialists.  It may be helpful in some cases to have our client voluntarily enter a substance abuse treatment program.

In some cases, after considering all the options, trial is the best choice.  Our attorneys are experienced and highly talented litigators who have obtained acquittals or other positive outcomes in many state and federal criminal cases.

Cases we handle include:

  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance
  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance
  • All additional drug offenses under the NY Penal Law
  • All federal drug offenses

Federal Drug Charges

Federal drug crimes differ from those at the state level, even though the underlying conduct may be the same.  Most significantly, federal drug crimes can carry far harsher penalties than state drug crimes.  For example, a drug possession penalty under federal criminal law could result in a minimum sentence of decades in prison, while the penalty for the same conduct under New York State drug laws could result in a term of probation.  A person charged with a federal drug offense needs a federal criminal defense practice attorney who is very experienced with federal drug crimes.  We are New York federal criminal lawyers with over 20 years experience representing clients charged with federal drug offenses.  For more information about violations of federal drug law, see Narcotics Trafficking.