Potential Gets Another Chance

Recently Charles A. Ross & Associates obtained a non-felony, no jail sentence for a client of ours.  He was a very young man in his twenties who had gotten into trouble in his late teens.  He had a previous record of a misdemeanor and probation.  We began representing him when he was charged in a 48 count indictment with helping a relative and others in a check fraud case.  His relative had a long record and manipulatively convinced our client to play a minor role in his very complicated check fraud conspiracy.

We won our legal motion and 47 of the 48 counts in the indictment were dismissed.  Thus we were left with a single count of conspiracy to commit grand larceny.  We met many times with representatives of the Brooklyn D.A.’s office and made numerous presentations about all the many good things our client had done.  He had so much to offer.  He is smart, hardworking, and has real potential.

Our client was employed and has a wonderful family who cares for him very much.  His family supported him emotionally and financially during the case.  Through hard work and persistence we persuaded the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office to resolve his case without a felony plea and without jail.  Thus, we were able to successfully advocate as criminal defense lawyers experienced in fraud cases that our client should receive a second chance.  He deserved a second chance.

Some people immediately believe that a person should go to jail if they get into criminal trouble.  Certainly many people seem to believe that if a person is given a break they should not get a second chance.  This is wrong.  Our country puts more people in jail than any other country in the world.  This country puts a far higher percentage of people of color in jail than any other in the world.  This is what is wrong.  Of course there are times when jail is necessary, but this was not one of them.  It was right our decent client got a second chance.

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Josette lumbruno

True goodness deserves a second chance, good job Chuck.

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