Pitching A Perfect Game – No Charges By Manhattan Federal Prosecutor

Charles A. Ross and Associates recently achieved an amazing result for an immigration lawyer. Our client was under investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York for assisting fraudulent visa applications for foreign nationals. A paralegal who worked with him had already admitted to criminal conduct and likely blamed our client as well.

Through sheer hard work, real knowledge of the facts, and a powerful and persuasive presentation we convinced federal prosecutors that our client should not be charged. To accomplish this we made it clear we were prepared to go to trial. Our tough but tactful approach resulted in a complete declination to prosecute. Our client continues to practice law today. We assisted in saving his license to practice law and gave him his future back.

This is the best kind of victory to have for any client. We avoided indictment, bypassed the time-consuming work of preparation for trial, and spared our client the awful emotional experience of facing a jury that would have determined his fate. It all worked out perfectly.