Sometimes It’s Good For The Client To Speak.


In Brooklyn State Supreme Court today our client received probation and community service for his plea of guilty to a long list of felonies including grand larceny charges in connection with a cash advance scheme.  Two years ago when our client was first arrested, the Kings County District Attorney’s Office trumpeted that he had committed a “tremendous fraud”.  Even though the Daily News made light of our client’s sentencing remarks, it is crystal clear that his heartfelt plea had a positive affect on the judge.  It is the job of white collar defense lawyers to guide a client through the initial glare of publicity and then either aggressively represent them at trial or try to work out a settlement that involves no jail time or as little as possible.

Here, despite a flurry of media attention orchestrated by the Brooklyn D.A.’s office, we negotiated a no-jail time deal once the dust had settled.  Part of that process involved preparing our client to properly address the court at sentence.  Here, the effort paid off.  As excellent fraud defense lawyers we got our client what he cherished most.  His freedom.