Chuck Ross Persuades Manhattan D.A. To Dismiss Gun Possession Charges Against Katt Williams.


Charles A. Ross & Associates persuaded the Manhattan D.A.’s Office to drop gun possession charges against our client Katt Williams. After an aggressive, thorough investigation and a forceful presentation, the DA conceded their case could not be proven before they even attempted to obtain an indictment.

Although a number of other celebrities, including Plaxico Burress, Lil’ Wayne, and Ja Rule, are currently charged with weapons possession and continue to face jail time, our client Katt Williams is free to go on with his life. As Chuck Ross said to the New York Daily News; “Audiences will be laughing at Katt Williams’ concerts for years to come”.

Below is a sampling of the extensive press coverage:

The New York Daily News

The New York Times

E! Online
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