Charles Ross & Ira Judelson – The Importance of a Great Bail Bondsman to a New York City Criminal Defense Attorney


As today’s article in the New York Times demonstrates, choice of the right bail bondsman for a criminal case can make all the difference in the world.  We used Ira Judelson to post bond for our celebrity comedian client Katt Williams.  After Chuck Ross convinced the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to come off their position that Mr. Williams be remanded, Ira Judelson posted bond and Katt made it to his sold out Carnagie Hall concert, as Mr. Ross told reporter John Eligon, “fashionably late”.

Too many times, friends and loved ones who are unexpectedly or unfairly arrested, spend much more time than is necessary in jail awaiting release.  Whether it is a murder defense, robbery charge, conspiracy charges, illegal gambling, or famous insider trading cases, in the state court a good bail bondsman is an essential part of a defense team.