Proof Of Innocence – Cell Phone Tower Location

Charles A. Ross and Associates obtained a dismissal after indictment for our client in the federal court in Manhattan; the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.  He was too quickly charged that he attended a meeting in a nearby state and agreed to unlawfully purchase unlicensed and untaxed commodities.  An informant was involved who recorded the meeting and maintained that our client was present.  We were retained after indictment.

The recording of the meeting was not clear and conclusive.  Luckily our client was a chatterbox on the phone and constantly texted his friends and family.  We subpoenaed all of the phone and text records.  We were able to get records of each and every one of the calls and texts our client placed, those he received, and all the records of the people with whom he was in contact.  From these records we obtained every single connection to a cell tower for every communication.  We were able to pinpoint geographically where our client was during the day in question.  The records showed it was physically impossible for our client to have attended this meeting.

We presented the prosecution and FBI agents with a well-organized book that tracked each communication to a particular cell tower location.  We included all the backup telephone and text records.  This demonstrated that our client was nowhere near the site of the meeting.  Consequently, we successfully convinced the prosecutor and agents that they had the wrong guy.  The indictment was completely dismissed and our client was a free man.

Here it was crucial to prove our client’s innocence.  We used cell phone tower connection to do that.  We demonstrated very precisely where he was during almost each minute of his day.  He simply could not have been anywhere near the meeting.  Excellent criminal defense lawyers leave no stone unturned.