Brooklyn Businessman Charged with Debt Settlement Fraud


Chuck Ross represents a businessman charged in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York with wire and mail fraud in connection with his debt settlement business.  The case represents the first time that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has passed one of their investigations to a United States Attorney for criminal prosecution.

Feds: Rasputin Club owner Michael Levitis ripped off debt-ridden people

The owner of the popular Rasputin Supper Club in Brooklyn operated a bogus debt settlement company that ripped-off more than 1,200 customers for $2.2 million, authorities said Tuesday. Michael Levitis, 36, used cash from the fraud to run the glitzy Brighton Beach hotspot, lease two Mercedes and pay off his mother's credit card bills, according to federal prosecutors. Levitis' Manhattan-based Mission Settlement Agency allegedly tricked people seeking relief from crushing credit card debt into paying thousands of dollars in hidden fees for little or no help.